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Network prefixes (globe,smart,tnt,tm,sun and red mobile) para sa mga nakaunlitex

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Here are some network prefixes na pwede nyo itext for a certain network na naiilang dahil hindi alam kung anung network yun.. Hehehe

Prefixes for globe/tm

0935 new prefix no.
0936 new prefix no.
0937 new prefix no.
0945 new prefix no.
0994 new prefix no.
0995 new prefix no.
0996 new prefix no.
0997 new prefix no.
0975 new prefix no.
0817 new prefix no.
0997 new prefix no.

Prefixes for smart/tnt

0930 (Available also in Red Mobile)
0938 (Available also in Red Mobile)
0939 (Available also in Red Mobile)
0989 (New Release prefix no. From smart)
0999 (New Release prefix no. from smart)
0946 (New Release prefix no. from TNT)
0947 (New Release prefix no. from Smart)
0948 (New Release prefix no. from TNT)
0949 (New Release prefix no. from TNT)
0813 (New prefix no from smart)
0989 (New prefix no from smart)
0998 (New prefix no from smart)
0999 (New prefix no from smart former Umobile number)
0950 (New prefix no. from TNT)

Prefixes no. For Sun Cellular

0942 new prefix no.
0943 new prefix no.

NEXTEL numbers

0979 - NEXTEL
0978 - NEXTEL

kung mejo nadouble post or reposting po pakibura nalang pero kelangan po nila toh eh thank you

lagi ko po iaupdate yan kung meron mang lalabas na mga bagong mobile subscription products at mga prefix nos. Sana po ay nakatulong..
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Sana dumating na yung araw na di na kailangan alamin kung anong network yung tatawagan or itetext mo. Kasi dapat naka unlimited calls/texts to all networks na tayong lahat sa Pilipinas. Siguro naman may mga nakapunta na sa inyo sa US. Doon kahit landline unli call. $25 lang yata gastos ko per month. Di nga lang sulit kasi ako lang naman mag isa. Wala naman ibang pag gagamitan kundi pang emergency lang.

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  • Pobody's Nerfect.

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