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Olymp Trade reviews - investments

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In the recent time I've become particularly interested in online investments, so I'm looking for a good organisation to start investing with. On forums people would often write about Olymp Trade - like it's the most dynamic platform nowadays that's actively developing, and most traders work with it, and all that stuff. So the question is - who has heard anything about Olymp Trade? Is the company reliable enough to invest money in it without the fear of losing? And what do I actually need to start working on financial markets properly? Maybe there's some required reading, like a training manual for the beginners or anything? I've found lots of things on the Internet, but I'd like to get a real recommendation - like, something that would be truly useful in that regard.

Online Nuarius

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Concerning Olymp Trade, I'm still just checking out this company, as well as the Forex market overall. I've got registered on their platform in order to see how it works, but I still haven't made a deposit. In general, I like trading on demo, it's quite convenient, and I'm already starting to delve into chart analysis and price forecasts. It's worth noting that I haven't taken any training or anything - I'm just using the indicators that the platform offers. It's all quite simple - I mean, with a good bit of practice you'll easily figure out the signals that each indicator produces. And if something remains unclear, you can google any indicator you need and read its detailed description. That way, you'll quickly understand how it works.
I can admit though, I haven't managed to go into the black  even with the demo so far. I guess I just have to be more patient...