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  1. forest9

    Pdf Information Request Ricardo C. Asin Engineering Books/PDFs/Ebooks

    Baka meron kayo mga books ni Engr. Ricardo C. Asin, BSME, BSEE, BSECE Pa-scan and pashare naman po dito hehe. Malaking tulong po para sa lahat ng may kailangan. Maraming salamat. KEep safe everyone!
  2. squidballs

    Share Free Pdf Information Shaum's Outline SCIENCE MATH ENGINEERING BOOKS

    Schaum's Outlines is a series of supplementary texts for American high school, AP, and college-level courses, currently published by McGraw-Hill Education Professional, a subsidiary of McGraw-Hill Education. CLICK HERE TO DL
  3. squidballs

    Share Free Pdf Information ENGINEERING EBOOKS

    SA MGA KA MILENYAL NATIN JAN NA MGA ENGINEERS, BKA PO MAKATULONG ANG MGA EBOOKS NA ETO PARA PO SA INYO! REQUEST LANG KAYO BAKA MERON AKO! :dance2::dance2::dance2::dance2::dance2::dance2::dance2::dance2::dance2::dance2::dance2::dance2::dance2: Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook, 8th...