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gaming pc

  1. Cynical97

    REQUEST Games (already zip)

    Anyone who can help me for my request? sims 4 or age of empires 3? namiss ko lang maglaro nito.
  2. J

    GTX 1650 or RX570 - ano kaya pwede piliin.

    Mga Sir ask naman if ano pwede ko bilin. Yung price to performance sana. Budget gamer here. Salamat
  3. Oykenryu

    Share Help Information Budget PC build for gaming

    Mga sir. Ask ko lang if ano mairecommend nyo na hardwares for budget gaming pc builds. Thanks sa sasagot.
  4. xWends

    Help 15K Gaming PC Build that could run GTAV in med settings?

    So, balak ko po magbuild ng PC with a budget of 15-18k max na makaka-run ng GTAV in medium settings? May irerecommend po ba kayong build specs? also I take opinions/critics on my budget for my reference.
  5. itchyboy

    Share Utilities Operating System Help Information SUGGESTIONS for LOW BUDGET GAMING COMPUTER (15K below)

    SYSTEM UNIT ONLY CPU: _______________________ RAM: _______________________ HDD: _______________________ GPU: _______________________ OS: _______________________ TOTAL PRICE: ______________________