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genshin impact

  1. noibat15

    Sa mga merong Baal sa Genshin Impact.

    Bakit sobrang mahal kayo ni lord at nakuha niyo to, sana all talaga mahal ni G-sauce.
  2. lucariooo

    Play Genshin Impact baby

    Any Genshin players here? Lets have a talk. Rant whatever you like. I'll start, nagsave ako ng primo since day 1 ko hahaha, never spent any primogem
  3. pawwapz

    GENSHIN IMPACT - Drop your Best Team Combination!

    Team A: - Fischl : DPS - Noelle : Tank / Healer / 2nd DPS - Qiqi : Support / Healer - Xiangling : Support / Elemental DPS Team B: - Razor : Tank / DPS - Klee : AOE DPS - Xingqiu : Support / Elemental - Bennet : Support / Healer
  4. Galaxus0012

    Genshin Impact

    Pano po ba ma fix ang fps drop sa genshin impact.??
  5. AltEfPoor

    Share Game GENSHIN IMPACT [Online RPG PC,PS4,Android,IOS] OPENWORLD RPG!!!

    Genshin Impact is an open-world action RPG coming to both PC and mobile devices in Spring 2020. MiHoYo, the team behind Genshin Impact revealed that it will feature full cross-play functionality between the two platforms. DOWNLOAD and REGISTER HERE!!! GENSHIN IMPACT Online