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  1. MindDivert19


    NAKITA KO LANG TO Nunng nisesearch ko sa google si symbianize hahahhahaha
  2. ghostyghost

    Information Request Meron bang tattoo forum?

    Newbie po ako and nagiisip po ako bumili ng stigma tattoo pen? Sana po may makatulong and makaguide sa akin dito as gusto ko po syang ipursue. Salamat! ☺️
  3. rpaulge

    New Here!

    Hi! A newbie here, trying to explore the forum and help in any way I can. mostly development, IT stuff. see you all!
  4. C

    Newbie here. This is my first forum group.

    Newbie. Nangangapa pa, basa2x sa mga interesting na forum. Dami ka pala mapupulot na new ideas sa mga ganitong group.
  5. S


    HI guys im SNOORLAX, not my true name, and I came here all the way from mobilirian(symbianized) that was recently closed. I hope to know you all.. Thank you
  6. K

    Dungeons and Dragons beginners

    who else plays Dungeonsand Dragons here? I was a fan at first, never bothered to learn because I feel its too complicated, detailed etc.. luckily a colleague at work recommended this group at Youtube. Critical Role. Badass voice actors of games/cartoons/anime playing and voice acting their own...
  7. L

    Share Free Game Newbie lang po - PC Games

    Gusto ko lang po sana makabasa ng mga suggestions niyo for pc games with low system requirements na maganda naman, wala po kasing magawa sa quarantine. Thank you po!
  8. DetectiveC0nan

    Information NEWBIE

    So Hi im Conan newbie ako sa site nato but galing ako sa mga ibatibat site and yung UI nito is more likely dun sa isang site, pero yun na nga im looking forward sa pag post dito.
  9. J


    hello mga sir, newbie lang po. sana makaabot 100 hehe
  10. V

    hello new here

    Hello mga kababayan! bago lang ako hehe sana marami akong matutunan dito sa forum na ito
  11. U

    Newbie here!

    Feel free to ask me anything gaming related and I'll try my best to help you
  12. Nam1hana

    Information Intro..

    Hi guys, I came across this site lang then created a account. Sana may macontribute ako dito. Yun lang. ✌
  13. Z

    New member

    Salamat po sa pag accept. New member here :)
  14. T

    Pretty new here.

    This site seems like a really nice place to view some really nice content. Will work hard to get to the AZ. Sabi nila pag may tiyaga merong nilaga pero dito pag may tiyaga merong ginhawa.
  15. iamkimlee88

    Kim Lee at your Service

    Hello. Im a newbie here. Salamat sa mga tutulong. Later on maybe ill upload some of my collection. Diko ksi alam kung pwd ba magpost ng kahit ano d2. Baka naman ang ipopost ko is may kapareho na dati pa. Anyway. Any advice about kung ano ang dapat na ipost sa thread.. need ba na pinoy models...