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pc build

  1. VladlenaKalashnikov

    Planning to upgrade my old PC, any recommendations?

    My current specs are: Intel i5-4460 3.20GHz Gigabyte Z97MX Gaming 5 - Motherboard Gigabyte RX570 4GB GPU Hyper X (8x2) 1866Mhz Seasonic m12ii 850w Bronze PSU 500gb Silverstone M2 NVme SSD 120gb Crucial SSD
  2. D

    Help Any decent, budget friendly gaming laptops?

    Mga nakikita akong ads sa FB & Lazada ng gaming laptops around 40k. Worth it po kaya to?
  3. xWends

    Help 15K Gaming PC Build that could run GTAV in med settings?

    So, balak ko po magbuild ng PC with a budget of 15-18k max na makaka-run ng GTAV in medium settings? May irerecommend po ba kayong build specs? also I take opinions/critics on my budget for my reference.
  4. ryujinstannn

    PC Upgrade Build!

    Nandito talaga ako para sa adult zone pero dahil nakita ko may mga tungkol din sa PC at kung ano ano pa, mukhang interesting. Planning to upgrade ako ng pc, balak ko mag ryzen 5 2600, ano mga recommended RAM at Mobo nyo? May gpu na ako RX 570 kaya goods na dun for now