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  1. jonsnow2392

    Information Meron bang Wedding Photographer dito?

    Sino po Wedding Photographer dito? Ano pong camera and lenses ang gamit nyo? Ano rin po favorite preset nyo?
  2. C

    Share Tutorial Trick Free Information Gusto po kayo mag edit ng photos online for FREE?

    Gusto ba kayo mag edit ng photos na mabilisan without the use of an Adobe Photoshop related application? You can do this online for free. It has 2 options: 1 for beginner editors and other 1 is for advanced editors. This helped me a lot if I need to do some photos edited immediately. PLEASE...
  3. H

    Information Portrait/Model Photography in the time of COVID-19

    Hello fellow photographers! I put up this thread to find out how y’all are doing as portrait/model photographers during the pandemic. Since we have to social distance/confine ourselves at home, how do you get around shooting? Also, what do you think OR suggest can/will be the “new normal” for...