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series tripzzy

  1. tripzzy

    Documentary One Strange Rock Season 1 (2018) (Mega)

    Hello po mga master! Share ko lang tong One Strange Rock. Documentary cya about sa Earth and hosted by Will Smith. Originally aired cya sa National Geographic Channel. Enjoy! :) One Strange Rock - Mega
  2. tripzzy

    Anime Science Fiction Gundam Seed Destiny Remastered 720p (Mega)

    Hi guys I'm back. Share ko lang po etong Gundam Seed Destiny Remastered para sa mga SEED fans jan. HD po ito at may mga additional scenes na wala sa original. Enjoy! :dance3: :acute: Gundam SEED Destiny Remastered - Mega
  3. tripzzy

    Anime Gundam Seed Remastered

    Hi guys! Share ko lang ung Gundam Seed Remastered files ko. HD to at may additional scenes na wala sa original. Enjoy! :acute: Gundam Seed Mediafire Folder