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  1. J

    DSLR/ Mirrorless Camera is it still relevant?

    Hi, just want to start a thread here about the latest DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras. Now a days, not all of us doesn't have the luxury to buy an extra camera, if you already have your phone with you to take pictures. That's why I started this thread, to gather insights or ideas if is still...
  2. ghostyghost


    Sino dito namimiss ang unang gen ng smartphones, noong talamak pa ang jailbreak at root. Android Jellybean una kong phone and then nagstart na ako magflash ng custom rom and nagstart na ako magpabayad sa service ko noon. 256mb lang pati internal ng una kong smartphone hahaha. Just sharing...
  3. J

    Share Help Free Trending Game Ano mas magandang Xiaomi phone pang gaming?

    Pahelp naman po mga mam/sir :)
  4. R

    Sino Xiaomi User dito?

    Ok ba performance ng mga flagship phones nila after a year? Kamusta ang battery at ang System hindi ba lag?
  5. E

    Help LG V60 Thinq Dual Screen

    Where can I buy here in the Philippines? Is there an online shop?