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  1. D


    Planning to buy 2nd hand car. Alin po mas okay? Vios or City? Thanks po.
  2. AZKing

    Share Information Tips for board exam (especially Civil engineering)

    Mga Ka-Milenyals, here are few tricks that i used before i take my board exam,i just read it from a previous blogs and im very thankful for it.Just try it and maybe it will be a big help for you.... 1) Pictographic Memory - this will work quite well. Ok, dami mong formulas at dami mong mga...
  3. Jordan005

    Tips for a retired athlete?

    Naging athlete ako most of my years sa grade school, high school, and senior high. I was so fit, flexible, and both taekwondo and Track & Field sports ko, dami kong tournament napuntahan and almost made it to nationals. But now I had to retire from those because those sports were not the sports...
  4. hentaiman567

    Share Information Globe Prepaid WiFi Tips para bumilis ang internet speed nyo.

    Hi guys, just some simple tips to make your Globe at home prepaid WiFI speed increase. First Connect your device to your Prepaid home WiFi (Wireless connection or LAN doesn't matter) Step 1: Open a browser and type the IP address to access your modems GUI Step 2: One you're on...
  5. Bradley994

    Tips kontra init

    Mga Idol cooling tips naman diyan, pra presko maski walang Aircon. Sharing is caring