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  1. Streamtech

    Streamtech's Planet Extendifi Wifi Extender

    Get wifi that's strong everywhere in your house with Streamtech Extendifi! You can visit our website for more details
  2. UnkownUser24

    Help PLDT WiFi Router

    Hello mga ka milenyals. Balak ko kase palitan ung wifi router namin na stock ung PLDT na router huawei. Medyo nag kakaproblema kasi yung pag bibigay nya ng wifi sa mga mobile phones dito sa bahay namin. Minsan kase unresponsive ung internet sa mobile android namin. Pero kapag naka data naman...
  3. hentaiman567

    Share Information Globe Prepaid WiFi Tips para bumilis ang internet speed nyo.

    Hi guys, just some simple tips to make your Globe at home prepaid WiFI speed increase. First Connect your device to your Prepaid home WiFi (Wireless connection or LAN doesn't matter) Step 1: Open a browser and type the IP address to access your modems GUI Step 2: One you're on...