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  1. Galaxus0012

    Xiaomi phones

    Ano po bang latest xiaomi phones ngayon..?
  2. Galaxus0012

    Redmi note 8

    Ano po masasabi nyo sa redmi note 8..?? Ok po ba sya..??
  3. R

    Sino Xiaomi User dito?

    Ok ba performance ng mga flagship phones nila after a year? Kamusta ang battery at ang System hindi ba lag?
  4. akosivortio

    Share Help Redmi Note 8 Pro Global Wifi disconnect Issue

    Anyone here experiencing the same issue as mine? Bumibitaw xa from time to time sa wifi. My ISP is Globe Home VDSL 25MBPS. 2 brands ang gamit namin sa bahay. Xiaomi lang bumibitiw sadly.