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Leak Agile Commander 1.2.3


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Feb 25, 2019
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Agile Commander is a kanban board designed especially for independent programmers and small teams.​

It differs from other such solutions because it is a native application and all data is stored on your hard disk. That allows you to keep full control. It also works great as a bug tracker.
Designed especially for independent programmers and small teams
Nowadays, most project management tools are designed for large companies with large teams. They are often complex online systems, used not only to manage projects, but also to replace all other communication channels. But what about independent programmers or small teams?
These large systems have many functions that are not only useless but can interrupt and reduce productivity. Communication is a good example. It makes no sense to create a message in an online system or send an email when the person you want to ask something sits a desk next to you. A large company must formalize communication due to its size, in the case of a small company the use of such techniques will only reduce its competitiveness.
"The most efficient and effective method of
conveying information to and within a development
team is face-to-face conversation."
On the other hand, Agile Commander has features designed specifically for the environment of independent programmers that are difficult to find in online systems. For example, maybe you would like to add to the task a link to file on your hard disk and open it with one click? Agile Commander can do it.
What is and why Kanban?
The principles of agile software development give small teams and independent programmers many advantages, such as simplifying management, speeding up decision-making, and better understanding of users needs. One of these agile techniques is Kanban.
Kanban is a production control method invented in Japan. Its basic features are process visualization and limiting the number of tasks in progress.

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