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Leak App Builder 2020.49 (x64)


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Feb 25, 2019
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File size: 59 MB

Complete suite to create HTML5 and hybrid mobile applications.​

Visual designer
App Builder provide us with dozens of visual and non visual controls we can simply drop it in the application's designer. Timers, HTTP Clients, Text Inputs, Push Buttons and many more controls ready to use.
Based in actions
You no need to know Javascript to create applications. App Builder scripting is based in visual assisted actions that we can use to do whatever we wanted. Hundreds of actions are available out of the box.
Fully extensible
App Builder's applications can be extended in many ways. We can use Javascript in addition to the action's based script. We can develop and use third party App Builder's Javascript plugins and also Apache Cordova plugins.
* Add the new IconsMenu sample app (number 58), which show various things, for example, the usage of the new Image Push control, but, also, a very good icons menu approach for our apps, with differents app views dedicated to the app menu.
* Add the new Image Push control. This control combine the Push button and the Image controls in a sole control which looks like a Push button, with an image inside. In fact it's possible to use a Push control and place an IMG HTML tag in his "text" property, in order to get something similar to the Image Push control, but, using the Push control we can see the choosed image at designtime, for example.

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