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Leak BD Rebuilder 0.61.03


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Feb 25, 2019
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BD Rebuilder is a comprehensive software tool made to back up DVD and Blu-Ray movies, and compress the backups while attempting to preserve the original video quality.​

It supports DVD-5, DVD-9, BD-25 and custom-sized discs, and requires FFDShow and Avisynth to work properly. Back up DVD movies and reduce the size of Blu-ray clips
The app is wrapped in a simple and familiar-looking interface that offers fast access to options and tools. You can select the source drive and target location, as well as examine the audio, video and subtitle streams available in the disc movie.
Batch processing is supported, so you can prepare multiple jobs for sequential execution to speed up the entire task overall, as well as prioritize them. Alternatively, you can save the entire project to file and resume it later.
Multiple backup modes, encoding settings, and post-task options
BD Rebuilder can be configured to create a full backup (the output is an exact copy of the original disc), a quick-play backup, or a movie-only backup. It depends on how much time you're willing to spend waiting for the task to complete.
It's possible to pick a preferred audio track and subtitle language to keep while eliminating the rest, as well as to customize the encoding options to suit your requirements. The video can be resized, converted to HD, or deinterlaced, while the view mode can be changed. Additionally, you can maintain the original HD audio settings and instruct the program to skip AC3 re-encoding or DTS-to-AC3 conversions.
This is not mandatory but BD Rebuilder can apply AVS filters to encoding operations, LAV to decoding tasks, along with NeroAACenc to AAC encoding jobs. During this time, you can carry on with your regular PC activity after asking the tool to notify you when the procedure is over. If you plan to leave the workstation unattended, then the application can automatically power off the machine without your intervention.
The software utility worked smoothly in our tests and minimally affected system resources consumption. Taking everything into account, we've come to the conclusion that BD Rebuilder combines simplicity and advanced encoding options for seasoned PC users to help them back up DVD movies and shrinking Blu-Ray clips. However, you should keep in mind that it's not designed for Blu-ray decryption (you can use AnyDVD for that).
- Updated build with a new version of TSMUXER that supports UHD. Disabled correction of UHD M2TS, saving considerable time.
- Added code to prevent non-compatible sources that have been imported but are not compliant from flagging a "keep original" signal.
- Updated encoding parameters of UHD sources so that master-display settings using values of zero are not output for encoding.
- Changed the default so that, on UHD sources, an original imported file is used for input for encoding if it is still available.
- Fixed an error that resulted in a "- Source issue found, attempting correction..." to popup unnecessarily during UHD muxing and cause special muxing to take place.
- Corrected an issue that could cause several odd problems (including a possible wrong language track) when importing some sources with TrueHD audio tracks with Atmos.
- Fixed an error in which HDR could (rarely) not be transferred to newly encoded file.
- Added code to improve muxing speed during import of UHD video file sources.
- Made numerous changes to make UHD processing more stable.
- Other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes.

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