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Leak Breaktru PAYROLL 20.0.6


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Feb 25, 2019
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Every major business that handles transactions needs to keep a steady record of all activities in order to determine the budget flow.​

This is also put in balance by employee salary sheets, with various taxes and deductions applying to an actual salary. Luckily, specialized applications like Breaktry PAYROLL let you fill in all monetary details so you can analyze pay periods, taxes and deductions.Unlike most management applications, you won't get the chance to feel overwhelmed or stuck along the way. All features are stored in a compact, yet a little rough interface, with an implemented help manual to get you quickly up and running.
One thing you need to consider before starting to fill in values though, is that the application strictly plays by the rules used in the USA. As such, there is no possibility to modify currency values, taxes, or deductions, which are fixed percentages extracted from other fields you fill in with the appropriate data.
Furthermore, the application mostly offers a helping hand when it comes to calculating income based on working hours. For an accurate result, you might want to fill in all fields, which range from two sets of working hours, overtime periods and the rate at which they pay, holidays, vacations and even tips, all of them specified in hours.
This is all done for a quick setup, that doesn't take more that several seconds to complete. As a result, you can view taxes and deductions, with values next specific entries like medicare, state tax, dues, pension, health insurance, cafeteria plan and more.
Sadly, the application does a pretty poor job at keeping track of details over long periods of time. You can only get details about one employee at a time, with the info requirements screen only asking you for basic details, as well as deduction rates so calculus is properly done.
Moreover, there's no implemented feature to add more employees to a database and only change info when required. On the other hand, there's the possibility to save details as individual files, but it gets a little difficult to manage this way.
On an ending note, Breaktru PAYROLL is not really what you'd expect from a finance and business application, mostly coming in handy for personal analysis. The lack of database support considerably reduces practicality, and the fixed set of requirements and calculus methods only make it usable in the USA. It's easy to use overall, with result flawlessly provided, but only if business demands are not too high.
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.

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