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Leak GERMES 2.29.1911.0 Max


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Feb 25, 2019
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GERMES is designed to perform astrological calculations and express analysis of the results.​

For professional astrologers, the software provides a flexible and easily customizable tool for solving the most various astrological tasks, such as rectification, long-term and short-term forecasting, analysis of the natal chart.Calculation of all major types of astrological charts, including direct and reverse transits, progressions, directions, returns, harmonics, composites, relocations, horars, and others.
Ability to choose custom forecast methods, create custom types of progressions, directions, returns, etc.
The database of coordinates more than 146 thousand cities around the world with a history of changing time zones. The most accurate and a verified history of changing the time zones in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus since the beginning of the 20th century.
Accurate coordinates calculation of planets, asteroids, fictitious planets, nodes and fixed stars.
Calculation of different age progressions, midpoints, equatorial Ascendant, Vertex, Co-Ascendant and Polar Ascendant
The ability to determine custom fictitious objects, asteroids, lots, midpoints and showing them on a chart
Standard and custom sets of Lots with import/export options
Calculation of planetary periods and time lords for various systems: Firdaria (classical, according to Zoller, Chaldean), Minor Firdaria, Decennials, Zodiacal Releasing (Aphesis)
Tropical, draconic and arbitrary number of sidereal zodiacs with a variable set of ayanamsas.
Work in 3 systems of celestial coordinates: ecliptic, equatorial and mundane (houses).
Various house systems: Placidus, Koh, Equal from ASC, Equal from MC, Sign-house, Porphyry, Meridian (Zariel), Regiomontanus, Campanus, Morinus, Topocentric, Alchabitius, Earth houses (Vitte), Solar houses (Vitte), Lunar houses (Vitte), Draconic houses (Vitte), Brahmagupta (Jamaspa), Medical (ASHA), Equal Asc = Sun, Equal to Equatorial Asc, Equal Dcs = Vertex, Wave (according to E.Shu)
The possibility of calculating houses with a correction for nonsphericity of the Earth, as well as coordinates in the topocentric system
Express chart analysis, calculation of planet hours, tattvas, solar and lunar days, sunrises, sunsets and culmination of planets and stars.
Customizable calculation of Dignities and Debilities of planets, and Avestian school aphetics.
Various rulership systems for signs, houses, triplicities, terms, decans, degrees.
A large set of interpretation texts, interpretation of the degrees of the zodiac and houses, interpretation of a whole chart, and each element separately. Display tooltips on the chart screen for planets, cusps of houses, zodiac signs, fixed stars.
The ability to automatically select interpretation texts, aspect sets and point sets, depending on the type of chart.
Advanced calculation of aspects, convergent and divergent aspects with the possibility of specifying different values of orbs, dexter and sinister aspects. Evaluation of the time of the exact, the ability to sort aspects by the time of their occurrence. Calculation of the Moon Leave.
Calculation of antiscia, contra-antiscia, parallels and contraparallels in latitude and in declination.
Aspectar: calculating the exact time of the onset of interplanetary aspects, aspects to the selected chart using any available forecasting method, as well as ingression of objects into zodiacal signs, moments of change of movement from direct to retrograde and vice versa, moments of change of declination and latitude, etc. with a convenient conclusion in the tabular form and showing on the astrological chart. Ability to calculate a chart at any time from the table. Including the calculation of the time for aspects of transit houses cusps. The possibility of calculating the time of beginning and ending of the aspect, taking into account the orbs, calculating the moments of entry and exit from the retrograde loop (retrograde shadow). Displaying aspects and events on the Time Chart.

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