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Leak iMonitor EAM Live 9.626


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Feb 25, 2019
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iMonitor EAM is an easy-to-use surveillance software that provides total employee monitoring solution to enterprises at any size - from large ones to SMES.​

Record every employee computer activities, include keystrokes, clipboard activities, screen shots, file documents(copy, move, paste, delete, rename, create), print jobs, E-mail, web-mail(GMail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail and all other popular web-mail), on-line storage usage, FTP file transfer, websites, searches, file s, program usage and time, Skype, QQ, ICQ, AIM, Google talk chat, Facebook, Twitter activities, removable storage usage, application network traffic, system events and so on.
Investigate Employees
When confronting a situation of investigating an employee's wrongdoing, you need to act in time with a discrete investigations. Secure and quick collection, review, and report on on-line and communications activity are indispensable for you to find the lead.
Avoid security breach and intellectual property leakage
Most employers believe insiders are the biggest threat to confidentiality security. Almost half of breaches and are a result of inappropriate employee behavior. Insider Threats require detection in advance to result in early warning, so that informed and rapid response will be performed in time. By recording all PC activity and alerting on suspicious behavior, iMonitor EAM reduces the risk of unauthorized transactions and communication of sensitive data to protect your intellectual property.
Increase Work Efficiency
A sustainable and rapid development of your company depends on highly perfect employee performance and productivity. Benchmark and evaluate employees' work flow with accurate and reader-friendly reports without taking a lot of time collecting and analyzing data. Thus Increases productivity by reducing employees' nonproductive Internet usage.
Guarantee the data security
Tremendous loss and damage will be inevitable in the case of data loss triggered by hardware&software malfunction or human factor. iMonitor EAM is capable of backing up the entire files and data in employees' workstation automatically, with the result that you can rest easy without worrying about the trouble of any data breach.
Centralized Monitoring Solution
Monitor 1000+ client computers with 1 server, you can group the computers by departments or work places. All records will be collected from clients computers and saved in server database. The agent program will work in totally stealth mode, no pop-up window, and can not be ended.
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.

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