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Leak Intro to Film & Video - Exposing your Images


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Feb 25, 2019
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Video: .MP4, 1920x1080, 24 fps | Audio: AAC, 48 kHz, 2ch | Duration: 21m
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In this class you will learn the basics of exposing video.​

It's very similar to photography in many ways, but there is a clear separation between shooting film or video and shooting photography.You'll follow along with Tyler Donley as you learn how to take any camera on the market and how to use the basic functions of your camera to control the exposure and color of your images.
What You'll Learn
Basic Terminology. Within the film world you have to learn the lingo. We are going to focus on a few easy concepts to get you started on the later lessons in the course. Learn about Exposure, Frame Rate, and how photography applies to video.
F-Stop. The first way to control the exposure of your images. Understanding F-Stop can be tricky but we are going to cover what it means to stop down a lens, the mechanics behind it, and how understanding it can be essential to capturing the images you're looking for.
Shutter Speed. Another key mechanism to getting your images looking the way you want them to. With film, it's an aesthetic preference but super important to understand if you're going to shoot video.
ISO. Where the magic happens; at the sensor. In this lesson we will talk about how the ISO can come in handy when shooting, but also how not having control over this element can be catastrophic to how your video comes out.
Focal Length. Finally, we now know the basics of exposing our images. In this lesson we talk about lenses and how their focal lengths can affect what and how our camera sees our subjects.
Depth of Field. Another amazing composition tool used by photographers and videographers. Learn how to make your subjects pop from the background! Using depth of field we can control what our audience sees and make our images truly stand out from others.
Filters. A videographers secret weapon. Filters can be used for a variety of different reasons. In this lesson we are going to talk about three kinds - The Neutral Density, Polarizers, and UV filters.
White Balance. Learn how different light sources emit different color light. We have to make sure our camera knows what color light it's receiving. In this lesson - you'll learn how.

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