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Leak KilletSoft NTv2Poly 3.00 Multilingual


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Feb 25, 2019
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Multilingual | File size: 12.3 MB

NTv2Poly is a specialized tool that enables you to include polygonal validity scopes into NTv2 binary files using just the outlines as they are stored in the shape files.​

Generally speaking, NTv2 files include one or several quasi-rectangular coordinate grids that are defined in the headers. This ensures that you can highlight and embed only the polygonal areas, such as a state territory with the borders, for instance. It is worth mentioning that for the process to work smoothly, you need to make sure that the polygons included in the shape file are available as geographic coordinates with decimal notations. Moreover, you should check that the reference system of the coordinates corresponds to the source system of the NTv2 file as much as possible.
To put it simply, the idea behind the application is to help you make all grid meshes that feature exopolygonal entries invalid. The result is that you can realize the polygonal validity scope in two generally accepted methods, namely the entries that supersede the accuracy values of the grid meshes and the ones that replace the shift values of the grid meshes. You will be happy to learn that the calculations used to obtain the polygonal validity scopes are based on strict formulas and no approximations are used.
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.

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