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Leak Off Grid Systems


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Feb 25, 2019
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MP4 | Video: 640x360 | Audio: AAC, 44.Khz , 2ch | Duration: 44h 50 min | Language: English | 10.3 GB

A DIY compilation pack on survival offgrid living for building homes, green house farms, power generators & much more.​

Video list in random order:
* $5 DIY HDTV Antenna! Get FREE TV!
* 8.5 DCV Earth Battery Lights Five LEDs
* 12V Crystal Cell Update + Alternative Construction Method
* 96w DIY LED Grow Light - How to build it for $57
* All in One DIY solar panel configurations for low wattage solar power free energy
* anaerobic methane digester how to, including biogas scrubbing
* Atmospheric Powered Motor 2.0
* Bedini Motor ( Generator ) How To Build One
* Bedini Patent Animated ver. 1.1
* Bedini pulse motor, build and diagram video 1 of 3.(TheDaftman)
* Bedini pulse motor, build and diagram video 2 of 3. (TheDaftMan)
* Bedini pulse motor, build and diagram video 3 of 3. (TheDaftMan)
* How A Bedini Simplified School Girl Motor (SSG) Works
* Best Rocket Stove Design Ever - UPDATE
* Biodiesel Step by Step.
* Build a 3D Printer That You Can Take Anywhere!
* Build a Hydroponic Drip Irrigation Bucket System
* Build A Mini Greenhouse For Raised Beds
* Build A Rocket Stove, Step-By-Step
* Build a Solar USB Charger!
* Build your own small pirate radio station.I show you how to build a simple FM transmitter.
* Build Your Own Telegraph Key
* Build Your Own Woodstove For $100
* Building A Blacksmith Forge
* Building a Greenhouse - Constructing the Base Frame
* Building a Greenhouse - Constructing the PVC Frame
* Building a Greenhouse - Constructing Walls and Door Frame
* Building a Greenhouse - Installing the Polyethylene Sheeting
* Building a Greenhouse - Shopping for Materials
* Building a hydroponic vertical garden
* Building with Hemp fire test on hempcrete
* Building with Hemp Part 1
* Building With Hemp Part 2
* Ceiling Fan to Wind generator conversion demo
* Charge your cell phone with FIRE - PELTIER THERMOELECTRIC COOLER Campfire Electricity
* CHEAP and EASY, Emergency Well Pump Requires No Electricity
* Clay preperation for Delta 3D Printing
* Collin's Lab - Homebrew Piezo Crystal
* Complete Steps for Building A Solar Thermal Soda-Beer Can Heater for A Greenhouse - MFG 2013
* Composting - Make it happen - A guide to backyard composting
* Construction of a Hidden Rainwater Collector
* Converting gasoline generator to natural gas and propane
* Cordless Drill Flashlight Hack
* Cozy Log Cabin- How I built it for less than $500.
* Cozy Log Cabin- Part 2- Moving the Cabin 700km away!!!
* DIY 600 LED light for under $30
* DIY Brick Rocket Stove
* DIY Build Session SOLN1 Portable Solar Power
* DIY Drip Hydroponics Lighting
* DIY Electromagnetic Flashlight
* DIY Emergency Fire Starter (Char Cloth)
* DIY Fire piston - Another Great Weekend Project
* DIY Fresnel Mirror Solar Concentrator
* DIY home-made air cooler that actually works for $45.
* DIY How to Make a High Powered Burning Blue-Violet Laser Pointer
* DIY Lead-Acid to Lithium-Ion battery conversion
* DIY Mini Wood Gasifier Stove (How it's made)
* DIY Peltier Candle Powered Electric Generator
* DIY Pop Can Solar Air Heater - 170 Degrees and Mobile
* DIY Self Watering Container for Under $10
* DIY Solar Garden Light Hack - Solar Battery Charger
* DIY solar panels 124 WATT ROLLABLE SOLAR PANEL self adhesive 24 volt - 42 volt open
* DIY Solar Panel less than $1 a watt DIY MAKE YOUR OWN SOLAR PANEL (PART 1)
* DIY SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC $1 a watt DIY Solar Panel Part 2 Make your own solar cell panel Bus Wire
* DIY Solar Panel $1 A WATT DIY part 3 Encapsulation Resin Overview Wood Frame Top DIY Solar Panels
* DIY Solar Panels How to Solder the solar cells part 4 Solar Cell Mounting for PV photovoltaic
* DIY Solar Panel $1 A WATT photovoltaic (part 5) Solar Cell Mounting ENCAPSULATION
* How to build a Solar Panel $1 A WATT DIY SOLAR PANEL Part 6 humidity water solar test Buster
* DIY Spot Welding Machine
* DIY Tent Stove Project
* DIY Thermoelectric Peltier Mini Fridge
* DIY Water Pump That Uses No Electricity -Ram Pump-

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