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Leak OMRON SYSMAC STUDIO 1.30 (x86-x64)


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Feb 25, 2019
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x86,x64 | File Size: 3.47 GB

SYSMAC STUDIO platform is perfect for automation and production lines.​

Thus respecting the principles of an integrated and powerful platform, including security, configuration, programming, operating sequences, motion, monitoring, control, and many other topics will be. This software can not communicate with devices CNC and precise control of movements and follow the path for the purposes of cutting, drilling, etc. as well. Full integration of components and simplifies the development process will produce an increase in production in this industry is very important.
Omron controllers with precise and high speed machining provides the possibility to sync all equipment and production line efficiency to the maximum extent so that it brings. SYSMAC STUDIO with a variety of standard ports, such as Ethernet, EtherCAT, RS232 and USB on controller series is compatible NJ and NY existence.
-The high flexibility of the software and adapt to a variety of individual tastes and standards
-Ability to generate G Code for CNC machines
-Compatibility with a variety of communication ports on the controller
-Easy management of production processes and complete control of the manufacturing line
-Automation of production operations and processes
-Unable to connect to a variety of sensors and programmed to complete automation machines
-A version control system
-Programming based on variables
-Easy to do Operation
-Of tools for debugging cod
System Requirements:
OS:Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows 8.1,Windows 10 (x86-x64)
CPU:Core i5 M520 processor (2.4 GHz) or the equivalent
Memory:4 GB
Display:1,280 x 800 16 million colors

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