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Leak Prosoft Data Rescue Professional 5.0.11 SR1


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Feb 25, 2019
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Languages: English | File Size: 38.33 MB

Data Rescue 5 Professional - A faster, more robust, data recovery software for IT professionals and business use.​

Recover more files, receive progress notifications, and so much more!

Data Rescue Professional is a cross-compatible data recovery software designed for IT professionals and business use. Scan and recover from a multitude of devices including hard disk drives, solid state drives, SD cards, CF cards, USB drives, and more. Our professional data recovery software makes performing and managing data recovery at the enterprise level a simple task.
Our new design, features, and functionality make Data Rescue the most comprehensive and robust data recovery software for enterprise environments. With over 150 industry awards since 2002, you are getting a dedicated recovery software refined through success and experience. Data Rescue (purchased or demo) also comes with full, US-based, support. We're here for you, from download to recovery.
- Mac and Windows Systems
- USB Drives
- Memory Cards
- Hard Disk Drives
- Solid State Drives
- Thunderbolt Drives
- FireWire Drives
- New, intuitive, user interface
- Mac and PC cross-compatibility
- Greater file search criteria
- Faster scan and recovery speeds
Automatically determine a set of RAID configurations.
Save storage space by excluding duplicate files from your recovery.
Control how your recovery handles duplicate files and existing folders.
Get email updates about your current or completed scans.
View files from your scan prior to recovering them in our new hex previewer.
Improve file removal security with Secure Erase or easily identify your drive order with Number Sector.
- Windows 7 or Later (for PC)
- Secondary Storage Device

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