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Leak Smartphone Photo Editing: Strategically Create WOW Images - iPhone Android


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Feb 25, 2019
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Video: .MP4, 1920x1080, 30 fps | Audio: AAC, 44.1kHz, 2ch | Duration: 4h 7m
Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Size: 3.87 GB

Photo editing without the computer, jargon and technical stuff!​

Do you:
Lack direction in photo editing
Apply the same 3-4 editing steps
Find yourself relying on favourite filters
Want to get the most out of the photos you capture on your smartphone
Over-editing images to the point that they look fake and unrealistic
Overwhelming subscription desktop photo editing programs
The learning curve of experimenting with different app features and what they do
Downloading countless gimmicky apps that actually destroy the image quality
In just a few weeks, you will be able to:
Feel confident in editing any image - getting the most out of your smartphone
Make your photos tell a story and jump off the screen
Avoid the steep learning curve and overwhelm of desktop editing programs
Edit photos on the go and enthusiastically share the best version instantly

Who has the time or patience to endure the steep learning curve of a complicated desktop program? Especially when most if not all of your images are captured on your smartphone!
This course assumes no prior photography knowledge and is structured in a way to help you 'see' photographically and quickly transition from basic to more advanced photo editing techniques on your smartphone or iPad/tablet device.
Topics covered:
Perspective Tool - straighten and change perspective
Perspective tool corrects lens distortion or to produce a creative look. It offers a Rotate feature that is better than the stand-alone Rotate tool. There are also features to squash and stretch the image, change the viewpoint from side to side.
Cropping - re-compose your image
Cropping is one of my favourite subjects. It is a practical tool to zoom into an image and change the aspect of different printing or posting options. Most importantly cropping helps to recompose an image to better communicate our photo intention, story and creativity.
Related article: Cropping - the most critical step
Tune Image to adjust colour, lighting, contrast, etc
Before we get started in the tools within Tune Image, it is important to learn about the histogram first. This is the bar at the bottom left of the screen that you have likely looked over and not paid much attention. Tune Image has all the tools you may already be familiar with in the in-built photo editor on your phone. You will explore what they are and the extras that are found in Snapseed.
Healing - remove distracting elements. Extra tutorial using Retouch App included
If you have not already discovered this, it will truly blow your mind. I am a little excited to show you this. Sometimes there will be distracting elements in your image that you wish you could just remove. Now you can; using Snapseed Healing tool. This lesson includes the separate alternative app Touch Retouch, available on both iOS and Android.
Details Tool - sharpen the image
Sharpening and adding detail to your photos can really make it look like you have had a phone upgrade. Adding sharpness to the image can really make it pop and jump off the screen.
Related article: How to sharpen images and achieve incredible details in Lightroom mobile app
Tonal Contrast - add depth and sharpness
This is one of my favourite features of Snapseed. First of all, a recap of what contrast is. It is the difference between the two things. Increasing contrast increases the difference and vice versa. Imagine a grey line drawn on a piece of white paper. Increasing the contrast will make the edges darker to black and the white, a brighter white. The edge will look super sharp as black against white.
Selective and Brush Tool - area-specific adjustments
One of the big advantages of using an editing app over the in-built editing features of your smartphone is the ability to selectively edit exactly where you want in your photo. You have several options to achieve this. The selective tool will allow you to drop a pin on the image, then increase/decrease the surrounding area that will be affected by your adjustment. The brush tool will affect the areas of the image that you 'finger paint'.

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