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Leak Snow White Photo Composite


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Feb 25, 2019
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Kelvin Designs
Duration: 1h 34m | 10 Lessons | Video: 1920x1080, 48kHz | 899 MB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Level: Beginner

Join Creative Director and Photoshop Guru Rikard Rodin in creating a magical fairy tale scene of Snow White.​

Course Overview
The course is filled with Photoshop techniques that are useful for any photo compositing work you may want to do-including masking techniques, retouching and cloning, color grading and texture techniques. In addition to compositing, you'll learn how to convert any scene into a winter scene!
Lessons: Part 1
Getting Started
Learn how to open files as smart objects and some keyboard shortcuts that will drastically speed up your compositing.
Masking with Paths
Here we use paths to cutout the model from the background and then refine that selection to include hair with the Selection and Mask tool.
Recoloring with Curves
Use curves and an understanding of color theory to recolor Snow White's dress just using curves-which means maintaining the black and white point.
The Tree Stump
Learn to use the quick selection tool and then filters and adjustments to create a realistic reflection.
Background Replacement
Learn how to quickly replace a background and integrate the new background into the existing ground plane of your image.
Lessons - Part 2
Putting in the Deer
Here we combine various masking techniques to cut out the deer and put it into the scene.
Adding the Bird
In addition to selection and masking, here we also cover using the color blend mode and the spin blur.
Creating Snow
Learn a simple technique to create organic looking snow without the need for any custom brushes.
Color Grading
Here we integrate the entire composite using gradient maps and color adjustments to create a beautiful looking final image.
The Final Touch
Using the camera raw filter we give the final image an extra "punch" including grain and vignetting.

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