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Leak SoftInterface Convert XLS 13.70 Multilingual


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Feb 25, 2019
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Multilingual | File size: 9.89 MB

'Convert XLS' is a simple to use, yet powerful Excel converter utility specifically designed for Excel, fixed width text and CSV (character/comma delimited) files.​

If you need to convert/manipulate one or thousands of files, located in one or many folders this is the tool! Conversions can be done 10-20 times faster without using MS Excel.
Repeat complex conversion tasks simply by restoring prior 'Conversion Jobs'. A 'Conversion Job' consists of all 'Conversion Tasks' that you specify to be done within the 'Convert XLS' user interface. This makes your future work to manipulate and convert XLS/XLSX /CSV/TXT files on a regular basis a mindless endeavor!Built in Scheduler can be set to run jobs automatically at a specified interval
Command line (invisible at runtime) and GUI execution. Complete flexibility = Complete Power. COM/ActiveX interface is also available for power users and programmers.
Move or delete input files after processing
Save and restore complex conversion jobs
Convert Excel files to and from Text/CSV/HTML/XML without requiring MS Excel to be installed (Specify the 'Convert XLS' conversion method). Fixed width text files handled easily.
Advanced Excel Manipulation Special processes including Moving, Deleting, Adding and Copying whole or portions of sheets. Append/Concatenate Excel files into a single sheet. Change password and much more.
Special processing of files (TXT, DOC, HTM, etc.) including appending/concatenation, removing empty lines, launching 3rd party programs, search and replace strings and much more.
Numerous Comma Delimited File (CSV) manipulation methods
Do whole folders and subfolders easily
Batch can be stopped midway and resumed at a later time.
Can be adapted for all languages
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.

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