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Leak SoftInterface Diff Doc 13.7153 Multilingual


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Feb 25, 2019
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Multilingual | File size: 8.56 MB

'Diff Doc' is a powerful yet easy to use folder or file comparison and remediation tool.​

Use 'Diff Doc' to compare files of all types including:
Microsoft Word,Excel,PowerPoint,PDF,RTF,Text,HTML,XML,DOCX and more.Compare documents of MS Word (DOC, DOCX etc.), Excel, PDF, Rich Text (RTF), Text, HTML, XML, PowerPoint or WordPerfect. Retain your formatting.
Choose any portion of any document and compare it against any portion of the same or different document.
Word to word or letter to letter comparisons. See clearly what changed in a sentence, down to the letter.
Compare files of any type against any file type (i.e. Compare PDF to a Word document).
View differences with both 'Side By Side' and 'All In One' views.
Change the colors and formatting used to highlight the document changes.
Quickly compare files via easy integration in the Explorer Shell (Windows Explorer, Desktop and Find In Files.) Use the Right Mouse click to initiate.
Explore paragraph differences in rich detail.
Compare text from any application by cutting and pasting into 'Diff Doc'.
Save any view in DOC, Text, RTF or HTML format.
Create detailed HTML Reports for quick and easy printing and e-mailing of results. Both Side By Side and All In One compare reports are supported.
Run Text and Comma Delimited reports.
Navigate easily through the file differences with the Next (F7), Previous (Shift+F7) and other navigation buttons. Use the drop down list box to jump to a specific difference.
Compare folders first, then quickly see what files are different and compare them with a mouse click.
Use with WorldDox, and any other document management software that supports third party file comparison applications through the command line.
Adapt software functionality for all languages.
Run file comparisons from the Command Line or build your own solutions by using the ActiveX COM interface (available upon request).
Language files for non-administrator users is now available.

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