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Leak Stuttering Treatment | The ABC's of Smoother Speech


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Feb 25, 2019
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I work personally with people from around the world every day.​

What you'll learn
Learn How to Become More Aware of Your Current Pattern of Speaking
Learn How to Break Those Irritating Loops of Stuttering
Learn How to Take the First Steps Toward Creating a New Speaking Style
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Stuttering Treatment | ABC's of Smoother Speech
My clients are generally professionals such as Doctors, Lawyers, Business Men and Women, Computer Engineers and Programmers. I've worked with students and people who are unemployed. And, the one thing I do with every one of them is what I'm going to teach you in this FREE course.
If you struggle with stuttering or stammering, you WILL want to jump into this course because this stuff really, really works. ALL of my clients have done other programs and Speech Therapy. For them, this system was a life changer.
The PRO90D Speech System 2.0 is NOT about...
Curing stuttering or stammering,
Treating stuttering or stammering,
Stopping stuttering or stammering.
The PRO90D Speech System 2.0 IS about helping you create brand new way or style of speaking that is much smoother, more fluent and confident than your current way of speaking. It's about REPLACING your current pattern of speaking, NOT fixing it. This system is also designed to help you become an excellent speaker. That means when people hear you speak, they'll stop and listen. One of my clients recently won "Best Speaker" at her local Toastmasters. And, she's not the first!
So, take the first in this journey toward smooth, fluent and confident speech.
Take This Course Today...Remember, the time is going to pass anyway. The only question is, will you be any better 6 months from now than you are today.
"Hi - Michael - I live in the UK and have stammered/stuttered blocked my whole adult life, my speech has got worse over the years, I am now 53 years of age, my job at work involves a lot of speaking as I am a team leader, I have been taking a keen interest in your videos on YouTube,and emails with video links in, just to let you know I watched the email/video you sent on catching yourself and stopping yourself before you stammer/stutter/block about 10 days ago.
I have been applying it to my speaking rigorously, there has been such a big improvement in my fluency over 5 days, I have gained a lot of confidence as well as I know I am a lot more fluent, it is like a snowball rolling down a hill and gathering pace, it is like you say, you have to learn a new way of speaking, I subscribed to the PRO90D 2.0 Speech system yesterday and am watching the 2nd video now.
I would just like to thank you very much for all your hard work, effort and dedication to make the PRO90D 2.0 Speech system available.
Many Thanks.........P.S."
NOTE: This is an introductory course. What I teach here are the exact techniques and strategies I use with my coaching clients whose lives are never the same after the coaching. This is not theory, it all very practical. However, this course should be taken in conjunction with the PROD90D Speech System.
Who this course is for:
Professionals Who Stutter and Need to Become Excellent Speakers

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