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Sunland Media ( earn money by doing simple task)


Sep 14, 2021
- Join us NOW!

"Opportunity does not always exist. When opportunities come, you must seize them. If you don't adjust your mindset, fear and hesitation will make you miss the opportunity to make money."

✅How long has the company been established?
The parent company was established in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2013 and the branch was launched in the Philippine market in 2021

✅Are funds guaranteed?
Fund safety is guaranteed, guaranteed by AIA

✅How to make money?
Open the task and select any video to receive, return to the task list and open the task link to like, subscribe and take a screenshot of the video.
Return to the task list and upload the screenshot and submit the task.
The customer service will complete the review within two minutes.
The commission for successful review will arrive in the account immediately.

✅How long is the VIP usage period?
Permanent use after purchase



4 task daily
Php10 per task
Valid for 3days
Note: Need to recharge for VIP to accepting task and process withdrawal.

❇️ Vip1- Php1,500
7 task daily/Php140
Php20 per task
Php4,200 Monthly Income

❇️ Vip2- Php5,000
15 task daily/Php450
Php30 per task
Php13,500 Monthly Income

❇️ Vip3- Php15,000
20 task daily/Php1,400
Php70 per task
Php42,000 Monthly Income

❇️ Vip4- Php50,000
25 task daily/Php4,500
Php180 per task
Php135,000 Monthly Income

❇️ Vip5- Php100,000
25 task daily/Php7,500
Php300 per task
Php225,000 Monthly Income

❇️ Vip6- Php200,000
30 task daily/Php18,000
Php600 per task
Php540,000 Monthly Income

❇️ Vip7- Php400,000
30 task daily/Php36,000
Php1,200 per task
Php1,080,000 Monthly Income

❇️ Vip8- Php800,000
30 task daily/Php72,000
Php2,400 per task
Php2,160,000 Monthly Income

❇️ Vip8- Php1,500,000
30 task daily/Php135,000
Php4,500 per task
Php4,050,000 Monthly Income

Encashment: Daily (09h00 - 21h00)
Release of Encashment: 24hrs.
Minimum Encashment: Php100

No Invite Sure Payout
Membership - Permanent after Purchase
Mode of Payment/Payout

There's one golden investment rule that you should always keep in mind:

✅ ' .

Create an account here :
Invitation code : 4711513

TG Group Chat sunland club 7

Sa paggawa ng account make sure na same ung number na ilalagay nyo sa pagregister sa ibabind nyong gcash later on pagkagawa ng account para di magka problema sa pagrecharge at pag withdraw ng funds nyo

Proof :
vip1 member since yesterday


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