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Leak The Complete Guitar Strumming System - Beginner to Advanced


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Feb 25, 2019
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MP4 | Video: h264, 960x540 | Audio: AAC, 48 KHz, 2 Ch
Genre: eLearning | Language: English + .srt | Duration: 41 lectures (8h 44m) | Size: 7.83 GB

The entire course is organised in step-by-step easy to follow layout Test your new skills with a quizzes attached to the lectures (lessons) The more you practice the better you will get.​

What you'll learn
47 Lectures/Videos up to 9 hours of guitar tutorials
With the Right Practice style you will be able to witness fast results!
Jack's method of teaching is different than all of the other online teachers. He has made it super easy to be successful at playing guitar. All you have to do is follow the videos in order and put together some good practice habits. Before you know it, you will be a strumming master.
Jack has officially named this course '6 Weeks Strumming & Rhythm Guitar Course', because you CAN literally complete the course in a nice structured pace within 6 weeks. However, you can take this course in your own pace, repeating each video as many times as you like.
Students will master the art of strumming at an Advanced level, you will also improve your Chord Transition, Rhythm & timing, Picking, Palm Muting, Tempos, Accents, Dynamics and much more... BUT more importantly you will have fun with this course and I guarantee you will improve on your overall guitar skills.
If you can play the main open chords, then you are ready for this course. But don't worry, I have all tab, chord charts and diagrams on screen while you learn. If you have been playing for a little bit and can strum here and there then thats a bonus but not a necessary requirement.
Beginner to Advanced and EVERYTHING in between to mastering Strumming. You will also learn all Strumming techniques, Chord Transitions, Rhythm & Timing, Barre Chords, Slides, Riffs, Hammer On's, Pull Off's, Plam Muting, and much more... ! 30 + Lectures and 9 + hours of Video | PDF Attachments for Almost Every Lecture, The Ultimate "fail proof" course if you practice and have a determined attitude. And have fun at the same time.
Do You Find Strumming Your Biggest Frustration?
Would You Like to Eliminate Every Struggle That You Are Faced With When Playing Your Guitar?
Did You Know 78% of Guitarist's Say Their Biggest Struggle When Playing The Guitar is Strumming/ Rhythm/ Timing & Chord Transitions.
AND... 62% of Guitarists who struggle to reach the next level are unaware that their frustrations simply comes down to one major skill set - Strumming (with Rhythm & Timing).
My course is your "Life Line" to playing guitar, and not just mastering the art of strumming but for covering every other skill you need learn in the first TWO years of learning your instrument.
This course is the most direct and to the point complete online guitar course for improving all crucial skills while focusing primarily on strumming. When you learn from each lesson on your strumming skills, starting at Beginner Level, you will learn other guitar techniques at the same time in this step-by-step sequence course. And gradually taking you to Intermediate level, and ending the whole course with you at an Advance Level.
To be able to master your strumming, rhythm and timing, and to become Advanced in strumming. You will also need to improve a whole different variety of skills. And this courses teaches you the fundamental skills you need to step up to the Next Level!
When you follow the Videos in the Exact Same Order You Will See a Huge Positive Change in Your Strumming, Chord Transition, and Rhythm & Timing.
By a quarter way through you will improve in so many new skills such as chord transitions.
Over 30 + Lectures/Videos with PDF Attachments
9 + hours of video guitar tuition
Keep track of your progress with each lesson.
The entire course is organised in step-by-step easy to follow layout
Quizzes to test your NEW knowledge and skills
Jam along lessons where you play along with me 'crucial learning skill'
On screen Interactive tablature that moves while you play
The more you practice the better you will get. With the Right Practice style you will be able to witness fast results and start strumming like a pro in no time!

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