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Leak The Complete STAAD.Pro Course For Structural Engineers-Part3


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Feb 25, 2019
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Genre: eLearning | MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: aac, 44100 Hz
Language: English | Size: 5.21 GB | Duration: 8.5 hours

Linear Buckling Analysis of I-Shape Columns , Girders etc.​

What you'll learn
Design of Steel Truss Structures as per AISC 360
Wind Load Calculations as per ASCE 07-16 and IS 875-2015
Design of Pre Engineered Structure as per Indian and American Design Standards
Design of Lattice Truss Structures as per Indian Standards
Basic Knowledge of Civil and Structural Engineering
Design of Truss Structures as per AISC 360
In this lecture series, first of all you shall learn the absolute basics of Introduction to Steel Truss Structures. Manual Design of Purlins and Sag Rods are explained in detail as per AISC 360. You shall learn how to model , analyze and design steel truss structures as per AISC 360.
Linear Buckling Analysis of Structures
Linear Buckling Analysis is a very interesting concept ,which form the basis of design of many types of structural elements. You shall learn how to do buckling analysis of Column Manually. After getting your concepts cleared , you shall learn how to perform buckling analysis of I shaped Steel Girders , I shape Columns and Cooling Tower.
Design of Pre-Engineered Building as per Indian Standard IS800
Pre-Engineered Buildings are somewhat difficult to model and analyze. The Instructor explains the anatomy of PEB structures first. You shall learn how to model , analyze and design the structures. Wind load calculations is taught in great detail.
Design of Lattice Steel Truss Structure as per Indian Design Standards
This lecture series starts with Introduction to Lattice Steel Truss Structures.The modelling , analysis and design of Steel Truss Lattice Structures are taught with practical examples. Difference in behavior of Conventional PEB structure with Lattice Steel Truss Structures is taught in great detail. You shall learn how to read the design results and optimize the steel structures.
Design of Pre-Engineered Building as per American Standard AISC 360 and ASCE 07
This is the only lecture series on the internet that shall explain you how to calculate the Wind loads as per American Standard ASCE07. The Portal frame analysis for the structure is performed as per AISC 360. The design of the Portal is done and the results are analyzed.
Non-Linear Static Analysis of Steel Structures (Pushover Analysis)
In this lecture series , Non-Linear Static Analysis of Steel Structure is done in the STAAD. The pushover analysis is taught in great detail in this lecture series. The modelling is done for a planar structure in STAAD. The pushover curved is generated and the results are ascertained.
Who this course is for:
Civil Engineers
Structural Engineers
Civil Engineering Students
Steel Fabricators

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