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Leak VA - Forever Changing - The Golden Age of Elektra Records 1963-1973 (2007)


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Feb 25, 2019
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Flac (tracks, .cue, log) | Genre: Country, Blues, Power Pop, Psychedelic Rock, Jazz-Rock, Southern Rock, Folk | 2.1 GB

Product Description
Five CD set that highlights the absolute finest recordings for the Elektra label during their first (and some say finest) decade: 1963-73. Features the label's biggest hits, most famous artists and plenty of obscure classics as well. 117 tracks from the likes of Judy Collins, Eric Clapton, Tom Rush, Paul Butterfield, The Lovin' Spoonful, Queen, Dennis Linde, Carly Simon, Bread, The Wackers, David Ackles, Harry Chapin, Mickey Newbury, The Doors, The Stooges, Love, MC5, The Dillards, Tim Buckley, Nico, Tom Paxton, Phil Ochs and many more. Rhino. 2006.
Founded in 1950, Jac Holzman's Elektra label grew from its folk roots, embracing the burgeoning blues and rock scenes of the '60s and eventually becoming a major force in the pop music marketplace of the '70s. This five-disc set not only celebrates its years of ascendancy and experimentation, but also explores beyond the familiar into some very obscure but still potent recordings. The first four discs proceed in relative chronological order (the fifth is devoted to rarities and assorted efforts from the fringes). Introduced by the better-known songs and acts, the discs open with Judy Collins, Love (twice!), and the Stooges. Each disc is also its own little journey that reminds us of how rich Elektra's catalog is--the Incredible String Band, Fred Neil, Nico, and many more found their way into record collections of the era and continue to resonate. However, it's the more forgotten acts that make this box so exciting, as the Wackers, David Ackles, Plainsong, Paul Siebel, and many others burst forth from the speakers. Even among the well-known there are some nice surprises, such as an early version of the Doors' "Moonlight Drive" (sounding more like one of the label's folk-blues performers) and the harder-edged punch of Judy Collins's "Hard Lovin' Loser." --David Greenberger
CD 1:
01. Judy Collins - Turn! Turn! Turn! + To Everything There Is A Season (3:41)
02. Dian & The Greenbriar Boys - He Was A Friend (3:02)
03. Judy Henske - High Flying Bird (2:59)
04. Bob Gibson - Dink's Song (Fare Thee Well) (2:37)
05. Dick Rosmini - Casey (2:01)
06. Dick Rosmini - Shady Grove (1:12)
07. Dick Rosmini - Little Brown Dog (2:01)
08. Koerner, Ray & Glover - Linin' Truck (2:19)
09. The Even Dozen Jug Band - The Even Dozens (2:56)
10. Vince Martin & Frank Neil - Wild Child In A World Of Trouble (2:20)
11. 'Spider' John Koerner - Good Luck Child (2:10)
12. Geoff Muldaur - Downtown Blues (2:32)
13. Phil Ochs - I Ain't Marching Anymore (2:36)
14. Tom Paxton - The Last Thing On My Mind (3:08)
15. Hamilton Camp - Pride Of Man (2:12)
16. Judy Collins - Tomorrow Is A Long Time (4:11)
17. The Dillards with Byron Berline - Black Mountain Rag (2:21)
18. Kathy And Carol - Green Rocky Road (2:31)
19. Phil Boroff - Cocaine (3:03)
20. Richard Farina - House Un-American Blues Activity Dream (3:29)
21. Dave Ray - West Egg Rag (1:32)
22. Maxwell Street Jimmy Davis - Two Trains Running (2:27)
23. Oliver Smith - Breeze (2:37)
24. Tom Rush - Joshua Gone Barbados (4:13)
25. Fred Neil - Other Side To This Life (2:58)
26. Dino Valente - Birdses (2:35)
27. The Paul Butterfield Blues Band - Blues With A Feeling (4:25)
28. The Doors - Moonlight Drive (Early Version) (2:30)
CD 2:
01. Love - My Little Red Book (2:33)
02. Tim Buckley - Wings (2:34)
03. David Blue - So Easy She Goes By (3:34)
04. The Paul Butterfield Blues Band - I Got A Mind To Give Up Living (5:01)
05. Pat Kilroy - The Magic Carpet (2:03)
06. The Incredible String Band - First Girl I Loved (4:54)
07. Alasdair Clayre - The Invisible Backwards Facing Grocer Who Rose To Fame (2:31)
08. Tom Paxton - One Time And One Time Only (Electric Version) (3:00)
09. Phil Ochs - Changes (4:43)
10. Judy Collins - Hard Lovin' Loser (2:41)
11. Love - She Comes In Colours (2:47)
12. The Doors - Light My Fire (7:11)
13. Clear Light - Black Roses (2:13)
14. Tim Buckley - Once I Was (3:24)
15. The Zodiac Cosmic Sounds - Virgo (3:10)

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